PorscheCouture (uwkittie) wrote in seattlegirls,

To Gym or not to GYm

Work out partner:
I work out at a Bally's in Kirkland! I am looking to meet up with someone to work out. My old partner is out of commisson since she just got married and is on her honey moon! Does anyone else work out at Ballys?

Running Group:
What do you ladies think of forming a running group? We could run on weekends! Like marymoore park or something. Or even a cycling group?

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I would LOVE to be in a runnig group...any suggestions how we can start this up?
We could start off with every other weekend like on Sat mornings.

Saturday morning at 8:00am morning runs for 30mins - 60mins =)
However I am not that well versed in the trails.
Sounds good to me..I will be moving to Seattle in 1 month..we should keep in touch and get this going :)