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The Community Theatre announces Carver's Pieces.

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 2, 2007 - Kill Date: June 23, 2007

: The Community Theatre is pleased to present:

Carver’s Pieces

by Raymond Carver
adapted for the stage by John Abramson

WHEN: Thu thru Sat - May 31st, June 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd. All at 8pm.

There will be a post show conversation with the director and actors on Thursday June 7th, Thursday June 14th and Thursday June 21st.

WHERE: Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

4408 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

TICKET INFO: $15.00 General
$12.00 Student / Senior / TPS Member for advance tickets.

A limited amount of tickets will be available at the door on day of show.


Adapted to the stage from Raymond Carver’s short stories and directed by John Abramson, "Fat", "What's In Alaska?", and "What We Talk about When We Talk about Love" deal with the terrifying currents that flow through ordinary human life in this country. A powerful and acute look at the lives of everyday people thrown together in their isolation, desperately seeking a means to make sense of the incoherence of their suffering. Each story - a waitress serving a fat customer, two married couples getting high together, and a group of friends talking about love over gin and tonic -reveals Carver at his best; a resolute and unblinking look at the conditioning forces that scorch people's lives, leaving them helplessly stranded with one another, and causing them to misunderstand life, even when it is plain and simple.


Raymond Clevie Carver, Jr. (May 25, 1938August 2, 1988), a native of the Northwest, was an American short story writer and poet. Carver is considered a major writer of the late 20th century and also a major force in the revitalization of the short story in the 1980s. He described himself as "inclined toward brevity and intensity" and "hooked on writing short stories" (in the foreword of Where I'm Calling From, a collection published in 1988--and a recipient of an honorable mention in the 2006 New York Times article citing the best works of fiction of the previous 25 years). Another stated reason for his brevity was "that the story [or poem] can be written and read in one sitting." This was not simply a preference but, particularly at the beginning of his career, a practical consideration as he juggled writing with work. His subject matter was often focused on blue collar experience, and are clearly reflective of his own life. The same could probably be said of the recurring theme of alcoholism and recovery. He wrote some of the most powerful American fiction of the twentieth century, and his work still cleaves to and illuminates our American landscape.

(Source: Wikipedia)


* Upcoming discussions about Raymond Carver, his books and plays.

Wednesday May 9th at 7pm : Discussion ( TCT Members will not be present. This is a library event)
Saturday May 12th 2pm : Reading and discussion of What we Talk about When we Talk about Love ( with TCT Members)

Redmond Regional Library

15990 N.E. 85th
Redmond, WA 98052

* Reading and discussion of "What We Talk about When We Talk about Love”.

Friday May 18th at 7pm ( with TCT Members)

University Bookstore, Main Branch
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105


This is TCT’s second production following their 2006 production of 3 Plays by Thornton Wilder.

Director John Abramson opts for a sparse stage, letting the actors carry the imagery…” (Seattle Weekly)

Strong Acting…” (The Stranger)

The Community Theatre is a group of individuals, under the artistic direction of John Abramson, who share a common passion for creating theatre. As professionals we are collectively: students, tech writers, business owners, lawyers, mothers, scientists, human resource managers, teachers, fathers, actors, day care workers, social workers and more. We have come together with a vision of creating theatre which reveals a deeper truth about our selves, our lives and our humanity.

The Mission of The Community Theatre is to inspire and challenge both the mind and spirit of the audience and participants through an experience of exceptional theatre dedicated to creating meaning in each person’s life.

Our vision is to create theatre that is dedicated to the live, unknowable and surprising moments shared between an audience and actors. The Community Theatre will engage in meaningful stories that are pertinent to the times we live in. Our hope is to challenge, nurture, and enrich people's experience of the arts. We will encourage participation and community at all levels.


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