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Away Above the Chimney Tops

PR : Halloween Cabaret in Ballard !

Hey Kids !
Well it's been a while since I wrote last but hey you know, I had to go to France and rally some Live Girls! fans over there.
I am back now and you may or may not know this, but in some circles I go by Boo. So yeah, there is a lot of talk about me this month ! My nickname is everywhere, I LOVE IT !!!
Oh, but I wasn't writing to tell you about me...
I wanted to share a poem I received from a 6 year old. This is how it goes :
Its holloween time
Tonight the moon is bright
Black cat ran in the night
Witches flying on a broom
Vampire dancing happy
Because is scary halloween
Aww Josie, that was a really sweet poem.
Would you come read it at the Live Girls! cabaret ?
It's this SATURDAY , the 8th at 9:30 pm.
    at Live Girls! Theater in Ballard 2220 Nw Market St.
We'll have all the talendies ladies you can pack in a room for a spooky night of terrifyingly delightful evening of tales,  music and other dark mysterious treats...
Tara Mc Pherson's wonderful art show is still in our gallery and there are still a few prints left to buy !
Come early as usual ....
Donations lovingly accepted.
BOO !!!
Signed Your favorite Live Girls! PR person .
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