Away Above the Chimney Tops (boobirdsfly) wrote in seattlegirls,
Away Above the Chimney Tops

For Real...

Dear Real People,

I am not really supposed to be telling you this because we are still in secret production and the cameras aren 't rolling yet but guess what ?

We might be interested in casting you as the Very Special Audience in our very first episode of :

Reality Show , A Live Girls! Cabaret ...

IT'S TRUE !!!!!

IT'S REAL !!!!


We seriously need you to be there and be beautiful along with our lovely lovely candidettes who will entertain you ... All . Night. Long. And yes it's Live, yes it's Girls, but it's not what you think !

Real comedy, actual music, fantastic improv, chick fights, skits, readings, new real talent, trusted favorites, and fine fine prizes...

This Saturday, the 12th of November !!!!, we are coming absolutely live to a Live Girls! Theater near you to capture the true reality of genuine Ballard in authentic Seattle. One of our audience members said : Is this place for real ? The gallery is open at 6pm for Live Girls! portraits and paintings from Kristina Hagman. And they even have a website .Wow !!!! This place is for real !!!! (Brit-Knee Spheres)

Another said : Yeah, whatever , I was there first and I lovingly gave them all my money because the show was free ! ( Kris Teeny Argue Lei Raw)

Do not miss the chance to see and be seen in this authentic , bona fide, true, undoubted, unquestionable edition of Reality Show.

Doors open at 6. Show at 9: 30 Saturday November 13th...
At Live Girls! Theater
2220 Nw Market St in Ballard.

Faithfully yours,

Reality Show Host

Faith Foo Lee.

Note : "The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any resemblance to the names, character, or history of any person is coincidental and unintentional."
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