Living in interesting times (bohemianish) wrote in seattlegirls,
Living in interesting times

New member, and shopping review

I originally posted this to the seattle community, and meowlet suggested I repost it here. So, hi, and welcome to my shopping expedition.

Earlier this month I asked advice on where to go wardrobe shopping (original post here). General consensus was boutiques or Nordstrom, and I opted for the latter.

In short: A++ would shop with again.

I went to their personal shopping department (free; appointments recommended though not necessary) and was assigned a personal shopper, Monique. I had put together a few pages of stuff cut from fashion mags (as suggested by gypsykat) which definitely helped get things started, because I could just point stuff out instead of trying to verbalize what I was going for.

Her technique boils down to: get initial sense of style choice, bring some clothes, get feedback, bring other clothes that may work better, repeat repeat repeat. Although she did tend to say that a certain item looked great on me when my own eyes disagreed, that's really the only negative comment I have. Since she does work on commission, she had no problem spending plenty of time with me as I fretted and hesitated and chose - and I was all the more impressed that she wasn't giving me only the most expensive clothes to try on. She was equally happy bringing me $300 items and $40 items, and absolutely did NOT try to sell me harder on the more expensive ones. It was all about fit, style, and comfort, as it should be.
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